TIPS to finding a HEALTHY relationship with food|My Journey – What worked for me


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– DISCOUNT CODE-“hannah”

Hi Love Bugs!

This video did not turn out the way I imagined. I had a hard time condensing my thoughts in an organized way that would make sense while not being so detailed so that I would lose your attention. Please be gentle with your words or thoughts.

My 4 Tips:
1. Don’t view food as good or bad.
2. Don’t restrict
3. FOCUS on the gym
a. It allows you a break from dwelling on your diet.
b. It allows you to focus on feeling GOOD about yourself and using the gym as POSITIVE escape rather than a negative one.
c. From there you can go back and look at your approach to food with a different mindset. You can either increase your intensity of your workouts or you can adjust your diet. TRY not to do anything with food for 4 or so weeks and change your mindset to praising your progress in the gym. I don’t want you focusing on the PHYSICAL CHANGES but more on the mental progress. I want you to focus more on positive thoughts pertaining to your gym workuts. “I went when I didn’t want to”, “ I lifted more weight today”, “ I was more confident in the gym today”ect.
4. DON’T stress or ever feel Guilty for enjoying life.

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