How to Be Happy with a Mental Illness | Motivational Video

The question ‘how to be happy' is a bit of a silly one, especially when we think of mental illness. This formula for happiness isn't just for people with a mental illness but for everyone who continually chases a feeling, rather than a meaning.
People may think that being happy isn't an option if you are diagnosed with a mental illness. Well, clearly from my experience that is wrong but let's back up a bit. First we need to define what happy even means or what happiness feels like to each of us. What most people would say is that happiness is a feeling, an emotion, just like sadness, anger or anxiety. Even with a mental illness or diagnosis of depression, the emotional state of happiness is possible.
This video doesn't explain how to achieve a euphoric feeling of happiness because everyone is different in that regard. I describe happiness as being content with where I am in my life and how I have a vision for my future and understanding of my past. I have purpose and this purpose gives my life meaning. The reason I am happy is because I have something to live for. I have a reason to get up in the morning and a reason to work hard. But this cannot be achieved without that self love and self respect, even with a mental illness
Being content with all emotions is what I define happiness as. Being happy is temporary in the sense of emotion, but contentment can be found when each of us realized why we are here.
How to be happy? Well, what are your values? What gives you a sense of purpose and well-being? Does something you do help other people in some way?
Let's look at the happy pie together and see what pieces we need to work on together. I hope this video was a spark of motivation for you to realize happiness is possible without the feeling of happiness. Weird right?


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