Giving Space In A Relationship: 6 Reasons Why Its Healthy For You And Your Spouse

Giving Space In a Relationship: 6 Reasons Why its Healthy For You And Your Spouse

Giving space in a relationship is extremely important to do.

Yes, the purpose of being in a relationship is to share your life with someone else and have companionship along the way.

If you are lucky enough to have a healthy relationship, there is a lot of intimacy between you two as well.

The idea of love is very complicated. There are many aspects that can increase a sense of closeness with your significant other, and things that can drift you two apart.

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In most healthy relationships, couples need to find a harmonious balance being together and needing space. Some people feel too “smothered” if they are with their partner 24/7 and begin to lose their sense of independence.

This can also be difficult especially if one person wants space and the other one doesn't. It is important to know how to respect your partners' decision for space if the situation ever arises.

Why Giving Space Helps The Relationship

In the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship, (0-1 year together), it's common for couples to spend as much time with their lovers as possible.

This is the time of getting to know one another and expressing your physical and emotional desires.

However, once the honeymoon phase is over, couples tend to snap back into reality and realize that they still have individual responsibilities and lives to live, despite being in a relationship with someone.

Every person, whether they are in an intimate relationship or not, needs to feel like they are growing as a person. We are always striving to be better and do better.

And many people want to achieve this feeling of accomplishment without feeling as though someone else is doing it for us or someone else is holding our hand the entire time.

No matter how healthy your relationship is and how close you may be, experiencing our own individuality is always crucial.

Giving your partner space will help create a more balanced relationship where both parties can feel happy together, and proud of themselves individually as well.

6 Benefits Of Giving Space:

· Appreciate each other more

· Reducing bickering

· Encourages prompt decision making

· Value times of togetherness

· Increase self-care

· Increase awareness of self

While spending quality time with your significant other is important, giving space within the relationship is important as well.

As long as both of you recognize your individuality while still being together, that is a great balance to have. There is no need to smother your other half or let go completely.

Put time into making sure that you and your significant other are growing as individuals, as well as growing as a couple. As long as you do this, your relationship should stay solid and healthy.

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