WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Postpartum Weight Loss Tips For Foodies!

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Postpartum Weight Loss Tips for Foodies!

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Background: I'm 7 months postpartum. While pregnant I reached 156 lbs. Back down to my regular size, shawty. 🙂
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“The Everything Oatmeal”
Mix half cup of hot water to 1 cup of oats
Add 1 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp granola
1 tbsp unsweetened coconut flakes
Handful of blueberries and raspberries
*You can also use some coconut oil for more flavor!

“The Summer Chicken Salad”
Grill 3 oz of chicken seasoned with salt and pepper to taste then slice into 1/4 bite-sized pieces
Toss/blend the following ingredients
6 sliced strawberries with about 3 cups of lettuce
Add 2 tbsp lite balsamic vinaigrette
1/4 cup raw (or toasted) crushed almonds
Toss and plate then top with chicken and one serving of croutons (6)

“Leftover Salmon Salad”
Coat lettuce with roasted garlic salad dressing
Add 1/4 cup of sliced cherry tomatoes
Add 1 tbsp of grated Parmesan cheese
Crumble 3 oz of chilled, skinless salmon (previously grilled with salt and pepper)
Season with sea salt and peppercorn
Plate and enjoy!
*You can also warm the leftover salmon and serve on top of the salad!

“Banana Toast”
Toast one slice of whole wheat bread
Spread on 2 tbsp of vanilla flavored almond butter
Top with half a sliced banana (1/4 inch sizes)

“The Not Chipotle Burrito Bowl”
This recipe is for one serving, double amounts for two
You'll need…
Rice (of your choice, I used jasmine)
Mexican cheese
Pico de gallo
1 avocado
1 can organic pinto beans
1/2 lb skirt steak
Greek yogurt
Cilantro (1 bundle)
1 white onion

Start by steaming 1-2 cups of rice and chopping your onion and 1/4 cup cilantro into small bits
Let rice cool to room temp
Once cooled add chopped cilantro and juice from one lime half, stir well (if you don't let the rice cool, your cilantro will wilt)
Set aside and start warming pinto beans in saucepan (stir often)
Grill skirt steak (season with juice from other half of lime, salt and pepper) then slice in 1/4 inch bites
Place rice in bowl, top with pinto beans, cheese, sliced skirt steak, raw onion, pico de gallo, avocado, greek yogurt and chili powder to taste. You can order your layers however you like! Enjoy!

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