Get F**cking Real With Yourself | Mel Robbins

Get F**cking Real With Yourself | Mel Robbins

“I want abs.” “I want to be a millionaire.” “I want to have a 500-person company.” “I want to be a speaker.”

Wait…do you, really?

It is so easy to say the things you think you want out loud, but when it comes to actually doing them…you never adopt the habits required to accomplish your goals. For years I've been saying “I want the best body of my life.” You wanna know how many times I have accomplished that? Zero. Why? Because I don't truly want it.

Instead of declaring all of the things you think you want, what about rolling the clock forward and imagining what it will take to get there? And once you do this, once you visualize the early morning workouts or the late nights working to make all the money in the world, if you still want it — now you can go and get it.

Until then, get real with yourself, have compassion for the reality of what you want, and stop putting things on your dream board that don't truly belong there.

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