This Is My Secret To Self-Discipline (Animated Story)

This is My Secret to Self-Discipline (Animated Story)

Today we talk about Self-Discipline, and I am going to tell you my secret to self-discipline. Many people ask how to become self-disciplined in life. And I think a lot of people overcomplicate things. In my previous video about self-discipline, I discuss something called “Finding your north star” and that is also very important, and you should certainly watch that video.

First Video On Self-Discipline:

The story in this video actually had a profound impact on my life, and understanding this concept helped me get rid of all of my excuses, when it came to doing things. When you realize just how lucky you are to even be here, it will create incredible self-discipline and work ethic within you. When I met Mike, who was in the wheelchair, I really did feel bad about my dumb excuses about not going to the gym. When I realized that he would do almost anything just to have the same opportunities as me, it really put things into perspective.

Understand this this idea should really help when it comes to understanding how to become self-disciplined in life, and it really is my secret to self-discipline (I have a few secrets though) This also should help you with self control.

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