Nurses: The Secret To Happiness

Nurses: The Secret to Happiness

Every time I receive a patient who is over 90 years old and looks happy. I love speaking with them about their view on life. I don’t know what it is about me that love doing this, however, even when I was a little girl one of my favorite things to do was go over to my elderly neighbor and talk to her. My mom was not a huge fan, because this woman smoked like a chimney, so when I came home she would tell me I smelled like an ash tray and make me take a shower. Speaking with her and others has helped me create a viewpoint on life that I believe is “beyond my years” if you will. Imagine, our brains can only learn so much by themselves because we are limited by our time and experiences.
When you speak with other people who have a lot more experience and years on this planet than you. You can learn lesions that may have never come your way otherwise. When you speak to multiple older, wiser people you may notice trends. Sometimes things are spoken and other times they are unspoken, more like a feeling or aura. For years, especially with happy people over 90 years old, I have noticed how they have such a peace about life. I think it comes with them being able to appreciate life so much more now…
I also strongly believe this: Our brain, for lack of a better analogy opens up different areas as we age. I noticed this the strongest when I turned 22 years old. At the age of 22 I found myself repeatedly thinking about actions and outcomes without trying. It was as if a new area of my brain had this ability. Of course prior to 22 years old I did think about actions and outcomes, however, it was less natural, more of a struggle.
This is not the only time where I believe I have grown into new understandings. Actually the older I get, the more I feel at peace and like everything over time will indeed work out.
I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to get to know some of your amazing patients. It is a treat that not every professional gets to have.
Stay positive, stay driven and focused.
See you next Monday!
Much love,

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