Why Self Help Books Don’t Work (Is Personal Development A Scam?)

Why Self Help Books Don't Work (Is Personal Development a Scam?)

Video on why self help books don't work for most people and why personal development can seem like a scam. Watch this if you're wondering: Do self help books work?

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Does self help work? Gwun Chin shares why self help books don't work for most individuals and the reason why personal development can seem scammy. Too many people expect personal development and self help books to fix their problems without them needing to do much besides reading them. This only ends up in disappointment and feeling that self help is a waste of time. The self help industry has gotten a bad rap over the last few years with people now wondering: Is personal development a scam? Self help does work, but there are things to be aware of. This video is specifically for those that think self help books don't work.

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