How To Eliminate Stress

Stress sucks.  Not only does it take an emotional toll, but if you live long enough with stress it can literally kill you.

So it doesn’t matter, if it’s from your job, your relationship, your financial situation, or getting in an airplane, for your health and your sanity, you have to know how to reduce and even eliminate stress.  I want to cover the 3 levers you have to stop stressing out, but first you need to the big misunderstanding people have about stress.

Whatever stress you might have is NOT coming from the activities in your life.  It’s coming from our habits.  It’s coming from a mindset, which is this:

Stress comes from needing something to happen that you don’t think you can control (and that you think could go badly).

The good news is that understanding stress like this gives three options to combat it.

  1. Stop needing things. Fear setting can help with this
  2. Increase your feeling of control. Use tree planning as opposed to stick planning.
  3. Create the habit of optimism. NLP swish patterns will help here.

Happy stress hunting!

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