How Money REALLY Affects Your Happiness, Relationships & Confidence (The Truth About Earning Money)

We believe that with more money, we will be happy, feel more confident and have successful relationships. Is this really true? This video is in collaboration with DownTown Success and we will be talking about how money really affects your happiness, relationships, and Confidence.

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Downtown Success is dedicated to helping you in creating an impact on your growth and success. The truth is we live in a materialistic society and as men, we believe that living and expensive lifestyle and having more money and will make us feel confident, loved and happy. When we are born, our parents try to give us the best education so that we are capable enough to compete. After studies, we work hard, put extra hours to make money as much as we can to afford a certain lifestyle. But this belief that more money will make us confident loved and happy is far from true.

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