Guided Meditation On Gratitude – 15-Minute-Miracle Exercise – Attract Abundance & Miracles

Guided Meditation on Gratitude – 15-Minute-Miracle Exercise – Attract Abundance & Miracles

Gratitude is a Fullness of heart. This 15 minute Meditation has been my secret morning ritual to attracting all the abundance and success in my life. Simply listen as I guide you through this Gratitude exercise and start to attract wealth, abundance, love, and happiness into your life.
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Welcome to the hidden truth of gratitude, thankfulness and showing appreciation. Program your subconscious mind for gratitude.

Gratitude and appreciation bring more into our lives to be grateful for! How cool is that?

It is impossible to feel stressed and tense when we feel grateful. Here is a gratitude meditation that will help you foster the feelings of gratitude When we feel grateful on a regular basis, our mood improves, we feel content and we tend to live life with a fuller appreciation of all the blessings that we have!

Hope you enjoy this one!


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