Never Practice Positive Thinking Like This! (3 Wrong Ways)

Never Practice Positive Thinking Like This! (3 Wrong Ways)

Do you know that there are wrong ways to practice positive thinking? Positive thinking is a powerful tool in the law of attraction practice, however, practicing it the wrong way can be counter-productive!

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In fact, most people give up on law of attraction after becoming exhausted from think positive thoughts all the time. I personally know many people who vowed to never have a negative thought only to give up a few days or a few weeks later. When you are trying to think positive, always remember to practice from a place of self-love and self-acceptance. Gratitude for yourself is the key.

In this video I will share with you 3 wrong ways to practice positive thinking. Do it the right way and let your positive thoughts and energy change your life!

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Join my personal journey of making gratitude a choice on a daily basis! Gratitude is the highest vibration of the universe, and it can be cultivated. Through this channel I share many step-by-step techniques and processes to help you get into the feeling and vibration of gratitude— the only place where you can be a powerful creator of your own life and make all your dreams come true.

There is no way to gratitude.

Gratitude IS the way.

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