Easy Weight Loss | Eat Like A Minimalist

Easy Weight Loss | Eat Like a Minimalist

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Condiment Challenge:

My four bakeware:
muffin tin
cookie sheet
baking pan
roasting pan (optional)

Four categories to pay attention to:
baked goods
added sugar – condiments, yogurt, juice, bread
hormones – prescription medication, milk, and soy

To eat sparingly, if at all:
red meat
meats preserved with nitrates: ham, deli meat, sausage
breakfast foods

Is breakfast most important meal of day? From New York Times:

Harvard declares dairy not a part of a healthy diet:

Harvard’s information is not influenced by lobbyists, like the government's information.

Main differences in American cuisine vs European:
more corn (high fructose corn syrup)
more sugar (especially in bread)
bigger serving sizes

Main differences in American cuisine vs Asian:
more dairy
more grains/corn
more meat
bigger serving sizes

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