Adyashanti Guided Meditation – Seeing Through The Habits Of Mind

Adyashanti Guided Meditation – Seeing through the Habits of Mind

– Is there an already present state of quietness that exists before you go looking for it? Adyashanti leads this guided meditation about noticing this natural quietness and not interfering with the movement of your mind while meditating. Adyashanti asks that you simply notice what arises, and recognize the ever-present quiet and stillness in every moment.

Video Excerpted From “Silent Retreat Vol. 50 – Kanuga 2016 Meditations)”:

Quotes from this Video:

“Check in your mind and your body, to see if there’s any attitude of trying to make anything happen.”

“Just notice if there’s any slight attitude in the mind or the body of any kind of waiting for something to happen, any kind of expectation.”

“And if you find anything, just see it, don’t try to get rid of it. Just see it.”

“It’s a habit of the mind to interfere—to make those little gestures of trying to improve on the moment.”

“Even without any attempt to make it happen, there is an already occurring natural quiet and stillness. It’s there before you try to make it happen.”

“Awareness is completely functional even before you try to become aware.”

“You may notice that a lot of the quiet, stillness, and calm that people seek in meditation is already present. It’s there before you seek it.”

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