Relationship And Sex Advice With Dr Dain Heer On Great Day Houston TV

Relationship and Sex Advice with Dr Dain Heer on Great Day Houston TV

( ) Dr. Dain Heer and Sex Therapist Emily Deayala answer questions about sex and relationship on Great Day Houston.

How do you create a relationship without divorcing parts of you along the way? Is it appropriate to call a man first? What are the traits of a narcissist?

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Dr. Dain Heer is an international speaker, author and facilitator of advanced Access Consciousness workshops worldwide. His unique and transforming points of view on bodies, money, future, sex and relationships transcend everything currently being taught.

Dr. Heer invites and inspires people to greater conscious awareness from total allowance, caring, humor and a deep inner knowing.

Dr. Heer travels the world facilitating classes and has developed a unique energy process for change for individuals and groups, called The Energetic Synthesis of Being. He has a completely different approach to healing by teaching people to tap into and recognize their own abilities and knowing. The energetic transformation possible is fast — and truly dynamic.

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