How To Train Your Emotions | Mel Robbins

How to train your emotions | Mel Robbins

Here is the one takeaway you need to get from this video:

It is NORMAL to have emotions rise up and cause you to feel angry, sad, disappointed, or disempowered…and it is a CHOICE to let these emotions lead to snapping, ruining a relationship, or being a jerk.

For real.

During a Q&A at Audible HQ I got a question about managing emotions. As someone who has spent the past two decades learning how to bypass my initial reactions in order to treat the people I respect and love with care, I promise you can change, too. What's one thing anyone can start doing today that will diffuse some of the negative reactions of anger?

Learn to label your emotions before letting them take over.

When you start to feel anger understand that this emotional rush is actually causing you to warp how a situation truly is. Instead of jumping to a conclusion and reacting…PAUSE. 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1, mentally acknowledge that anger exists, but do not say “I am angry”. Rather, say “I am noticing that I'm getting angry right now.” This is essential data. Now you can start to understand your triggers and prepare yourself for how they will or will not affect you moving forward.

You can always make things worse, and that's good news, because you can make them better, too.

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