How To Build Self Discipline| Master And Maintain Self Discipline Daily

How To Build Self Discipline| Master And Maintain Self Discipline Daily

Above all else, you must learn how to build self-discipline. If you can’t maintain self-discipline daily goal setting, planning, and all other “self-help” tactics are useless. “Motivation Gets You Started, But Self-Discipline Is What Keeps You Going”. If you want to learn how to master self-discipline watch this video. I share 5 techniques that will help you build your self-control so you can DO THE WORK!

*Correction* In the video I mentioned Dr.Joe Dispenza says we have 60-70 thoughts a day. I meant to say 60 THOUSAND- 70 THOUSAND thoughts. Oops! Sorry.

💠Tips and Time Stamps

2:02 Welcome Self-Discipline

251 Treat Self-Discipline Like A Habit

5:43 As Brian Tracy Says “Eat That Frog”

7:06 Get Off Auto Pilot

9:15 Deliberately Choose Discomfort

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