You Do This Wrong Every Morning, But You Could Live Better

How to start your day right? What do we all do in the morning? Jump out of bed because we slept through our 5 alarms, watch some TV as the coffee’s brewing, grab a bagel, and run out the door. But some of the most common morning habits are actually really bad for you!

For example, when you open your messages before you've even washed your face, you mess up your priorities. You concentrate on that stack of tasks that have accumulated in your inbox. And your attention switches from really important morning activities, such as having a meal or taking a shower, to work responsibilities. Attend to your personal needs first and only then pay attention to your other tasks.


You enjoy a cup of steaming hot coffee early in the morning 0:38

You set multiple arms or constantly hit the Snooze button 1:24

You check social media first thing in the morning 2:03

You skip breakfast or opt for a meal that doesn't contain protein 2:43

You start your day by checking your email 3:30

You turn on the TV right after you wake up 4:04

You keep your curtains or blinds closed 4:37

You twist and bend your body as soon as you wake up 5:01

You make your bed right after you leave it 5:47

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– The thing is that when you wake up, your body starts to produce a lot of cortisol on its own. Cortisol is the hormone that keeps you alert. Thus, you don't really need any additional substances to fight sleepiness.

– It might be hard to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, but that snooze button only makes the problem worse. First of all, hitting “Snooze” usually leads to a feeling of guilt and stress. Secondly, it makes you feel more tired than if you just get up immediately.

– Checking social media actually stresses your body out. Your brain is still slowly awakening from its slumber when you start bombarding it with too much information.

– You've probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don't take this phrase lightly. Breakfast helps jumpstart your metabolism and provides you with a boost of energy that gets you through the day. But a cup of coffee and a bagel won’t cut it!

– Lots of people reach for the remote right after they open their eyes in the morning. If you're one of them, here’s yet another habit you should break, especially if you prefer news channels.

– People often believe that it's better to wake up and get ready for a new day in the dark. They think that this will give their eyes time to adjust. In fact, a much better idea is to let natural light into your room as soon as you open your eyes.

– What could be better than a good stretch in the morning? According to health and wellness coach Jeffrey Siegel, this may not be the best course of action. It’s pretty dangerous and can lead to injury.

– Leaving your bed unmade makes a huge difference! This way, all the nasty stuff that has gathered on your sheets gets exposed to light and fresh air. As a result, your mattress and sheets get much-needed ventilation to dry out.

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