How To BE HAPPY | The Easiest Way To Become HAPPIER

How to BE HAPPY | The Easiest Way To Become HAPPIER

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How to Be HAPPY! – Become Happier In Your Life Today

We make happiness something outside of us. This is why every surface level tip that I can give you is mostly a waste of time- yes, you might feel temporary pleasure, but I want to dive into true happiness today, and how to achieve it and feel it EVERYDAY.

So we won’t be talking about how to win the lottery and get an instant hit of dopamine, or how to numb yourself and escape your real life through drugs.

We’re going into the ACTUAL work behind lasting fulfilment, true happiness and infinite joy!

Section 1:
So let’s get this out of the way straight away, some people won’t like hearing this because they want a quick fix, there is none. It’s just like diet pills, the instant solution is crap marketed as magic.
The truth is: Happiness comes from progress…Making progress towards a worthy goal or objective “THE JOURNEY” is the happiness.
That is of course…If you can actually enjoy the journey, and not get stuck in focusing on results.

Section 2:
But what journey? If you’re pursuing something you don’t really care about, you won’t be truly fulfilled or happy, you may, again, experience moments of bliss. But it will fade..
What where you passionate about as a kid? You know when you had that spark in your eye, there was something you wanted to be, something you wanted to accomplish. For most of us we lose touch with that as we grow up, and it becomes difficult to think back.

So I used to be depressed, I had extreme social anxiety. I know what it feels like, life beats the spark out of you. We all go through our own struggles… But here’s a key to happiness: You choose your own attitude towards things, how you interpret it is up to you. So you could say that your experiences messed you up and are stopping you from “living the life” or you could decide that what you went through with fuel you. VICTIM or PROACTIVE?

Section 3:
Your default state, positive, we get addicted to negativity: The news, negative people.
Look at the habits of happy and fulfilled people, this is a huge sign. Every person that I know who lives a happy life has a few things in common.

Make it easy for yourself to actually be happy by de-toxing yourself from negative drama, news, people and emotions- because if you’re constantly indulging in this stuff your body will get used to experiencing these emotions and keep creating them in your body, it picks up on the patterns and the more often you get into it, the easier it becomes to access it.

So yes, happiness can be hard work: but then again the happiness itself is in that process of growth, expansion and improvement. So the fact that you may have to work on your diet, your relationship, your business- this progress is what gives you real internal fulfilment.
AKA Happiness.

Section 4:The journey REINFORCED.
Think about a goal that you’ve had before that you have now achieved, or even if nothing comes to mind there, think about a time where you really wanted something and then you finally got it. It could be an item like a phone, or it could be going on a date with someone..
Maybe a car, maybe graduating, maybe passing a test, anything.

Now think about how you felt right after you got it. It was good right..?
Revisit that happy place right now. I’ll give you a few seconds.

Now, think about what that accomplishment/item means to you now.
Yeah, how much does it really mean to you? Like before, you were excited, all obsessed and so focused on it- you were happy in a sense. Now that it’s been a while, do you even care?

If there’s not a consistent strive, struggle, growth, progress, you will lose interest and attention, you will lose the happiness. Once you have the thing, it starts to fade.

So the real question is– what would you want to keep striving, growing and improving on for the rest of your life? What would like to keep working on indefinitely- this is your calling.This is where you will find your deepest sense of fulfilment, true happiness. Because there is never an “end” – only milestones that you hit, and then keep growing. That’s what this channel, my business, my passion is for me. Now please, share with us, what’s yours?

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