Relationships: The Four Keys to Happiness and Peace

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In this video, Karuna shares the 4 Keys to Happiness and Peace for Relationships, drawing inspiration from her essay books during early studies of Eastern philosophy.

She shares a brief interpretation of these 4 Keys to Happiness, which originally come from the Yoga Sutras, Book 1, Sutra 33, by Patanjali. If you are interested in this book, Karuna recommends the translation by Swami Satchidananda.

“By cultivating attitudes of friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and disregard toward the wicked, the mind-stuff retains its undisturbed calmness.”

The four keys are: friendliness, compassion, delight and disregard. There is a skilful way to approach people, no matter what behaviour they show.

When you see a happy person, be friendly.

When you see an unhappy person, be compassionate.

When you see a virtuous person, be glad and even share delight.

When you see a non-virtuous person, have dispassion, disregard and equanimity.

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