Deep Hearing Exercise/Meditation

It is possible for anyone to develop their ear(or anything) – if they want to!
I was given this exercise 30 years ago in Boston
by maverick guitarist Anthony Peterson
with whom I was taking private improvisational classes
that helped me go much deeper in to music.
I would like to pass it on now that the technology is
available as I believe it is so valuable.
Anthony told me to record a back ground of
a major chord for 20-30mins on the piano- and then sing
different notes with this backing-
he did not say much more-
I thought him a little crazy
but i did the exercise recording the drone on
cassette tape.
Only after 30 years can I begin to
appreciate its depth and importance.

I hope that someone out there
can benefit as I have done
Gracias a Julio Ponce por el dibujo
Rat by Marco Rizzi
Nick Homes

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