What I eat in a day when I want to lose weight. My healthy eating routine that helps you lose weight fast without ever going hungry.

Having my children definitely changed my body shape. Where once I would have said my hips were my problem area after my 3rd child I was definitley left with a bit of belly fat. A little pot shall we say that my gorgeous bundle of joy left behind!

Though I do go to the gym I wouldn't say it's my favourite thing in the world. But where I lacked enthusiasm for working out I made up for it in diet motivation. And as we're regularly told the best way to lose weight is down to 80% diet, 20% exercise I knew it was a good place to start.

Diets seems to invoke polarized opinions. Even health professionals have a tendency to make huge U turns on what they believe is the healthiest way to eat. It can be massivley confusing with so much conflicting information.

My theory on the subject is for you to do what works best for you. And the way I eat in this video is the best way I've found works for me to stay at a healthy weight. According to my doctor I am right in the healthy section of their graph. But that doesn't mean this is the right way for you to eat, it's simply my opinion and what works for me. And equally if you're happy with your weight just stay exactly as you are! Do what makes you happy:)

I also believe in common sense. We all know refined sugar is rubbish for our bodies, and vegetables are great for us. Does that mean we curb sugar like the plague? Of course not, we're all human and I for one can't resist a little chocolate form time to time! But I do know that if I gorge myself on chocolate I'm going to put on weight. If I curb refined sugars and eat lots of vegetables instead, I'll lose some weight and invariably feel a lot healthier for it. It's all about balance and being kind to your body.

I'm also a lot more aware of being more healthy these days and not just dieting to lose weight. I want to live longer too. I want to be around to see my boys get married and have lots of grandchildren! I want to have a healthy body and a healthy heart. So I am careful what I put into my body and exercise to maximise the effect. Attack it form both angles if you will!

I thought about filming my gym routine too so if that's something you'd like to see do let me know? I'm definitely no expert in the gym but I have recently found a little routine that I like. A big step in the right direction for me! And I'm starting to see the tone and definition where I want it which is motivating me more:)

Thanks so much for watching my video and I do hope you find it helpful and hopefully you can translate some of the ideas into your own eating plan. Oh and sorry about my shocking ‘cooking' !! That element is definitely a work in progress:) Big hugs, Jess x

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