Tony Robbins: What You Say To Yourself Matters ( Tony Robbins Inspiration )

One of the themes of the classes was using positive language and positive self-talk. It was referred to as positive reframing and it meant not only to seeing negative experiences in a positive way but also becoming more aware of the language we use when talking about our goals and how we want to achieve them. What you say to yourself matters – your brain is the organ that delivers messages on how to move, react and respond to outside forces. If your brain is delivering those messages with negative phrasing, what do you think is the likelihood of success?

The keywords are negative, and no matter the overall message of having a goal they want to work toward, subconsciously they are asserting those negative phrases and words. Weak. I don’t think. Try. Unhappy. How could these be reframed into positively phrased goals?

I will. I will. I will. Increase. Achieve. Positive. Happy. If you can recognize the difference in those words right now and how they make you feel, you know your mind was internalizing the message you were giving yourself with the negatively phrased objectives.

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